Credit and Surety

Libya Re’s Credit and Surety team is a recognized expert within its specialty line. We strive to be a valuable business partner for insurers and brokers by providing analytic and quoting services and offering substantial capacity. The team has experience in Credit and Surety from both a reinsurance and insurance perspective. Our Libya operations offer pro rata and excess of loss solutions for all traditional Credit and Surety classes and are currently are working closely with countries around the globe.

Libya Re is a respected player in the reinsurance market with a focus on contract and commercial surety treaty reinsurance. We work to meet the needs of a variety of surety companies spanning national, regional and specialty underwriters. We write predominantly excess of loss structures and will entertain quota share programs containing short duration risks or other mitigating features such as sliding scale structures and loss ratio caps. Our underwriting and actuarial team is experienced in surety risks of all types and readily offers pricing alternatives. We provide faculty capacity and work closely with brokers to be responsive to our clients’ needs.

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